Friday, June 11, 2010


I have been meaning to write for a long time now... and I have a strong motivator, but something kept me from doing it, and I never sat down to jot down my thoughts.... I would wonder what to write on as if my writing was of a national crisis nature.... who is gonna read what I write, at the most a couple of my cousins – thats all... so why all that care? Who is sitting on judgement here? Arent these words just for me... to savor the moment when the moment has become my past??? Of course!!!! So, I start with something which Michelle, my darlin daughter, penned for her Papa.... I want this first poem of hers to be with me, through all times... for me to show it to her in the days to come by.........

My Life

Oh my dear heart!! Nothing is there left with us

I have some tears

I’ll say those

Do not worry

Do not worry

Ever and ever

Oh my dear!

Oh my dear!

I’ll say my tears

My Tears

When you were there with me

I enjoyed myself


When I lost you my tears came out

But no sound

No sound

I think you are happy

With no tears

With no tears

My heart is full of you

See the sun rising

See the sun setting

In the sky

Let us be happy with no tears

Let us be happy with a smile on our face

No more tears in us

No more tears

Oh my dear my heart is feeling good!!!!!!!

Michelle was 8 years old when she penned this... so making allowances for her age and keeping to just her feelings... I found it awesome (maybe because she is my daughter) that she could put her feelings into words...

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  1. Hey!!!!!just saw this!! how did i miss it?
    What to comment here.. oh my God! She is a brave girl!
    but Nina.. now my heart is also feeling good!!